Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to rent the Lodge?

A: Here is the rate structure for various times of the year:
  • $700/night or $4200/week for September-June

  • $5600/week for July-August

Rate includes familes and groups of up to 12 people. For groups larger than 12, additional people are $40/person per night. There is a 3 night minimum stay (1 week in July/August). There is a $300 cleaning fee. The cleaning fee is waived for groups of 8 or less.

Q: Are there grocery stores nearby?

A: The closest major grocery stores are in either Tonasket or Oroville, both about 35 minutes away. There is a small gas station / quick stop 5 miles away with some limited grocery items (including bread and dairy but not much in the way of fresh goods). We recommend stocking up on groceries before you arrive. There are two refrigerators so there is quite a bit of room. If you need anything that you might normally find at a Target or WalMart, try Prince’s in Oroville. There is also a WalMart in Omak.

Q: What is provided along with our stay at the lodge?

A: The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, silverware, cookware, pots and pans, a blender and 2 large drip coffee makers. We supply some coffee to get you started, but PacNW folks will probably want to bring their own gourmet ground coffee. There are dishes and silverware for 12. We stock the lodge with all the normal things like toilet paper, dish soap and other cleaning supplies. There is body wash soap and shampoo in each bathroom. Ladies will probably want to bring their hair dryers. There are 2 washers, 2 dryers and dishwasher. Dish and laundry soap are both provided. There are bath towels available for each person in your group, you will want to bring your own beach towels for taking outside the lodge. For recreation on the lake, included in your stay is the use of some watercraft such as a paddle boat, fishing boat, canoe and a kayak. We also provide complimentary use of various beach supplies such as some water toys, life jackets and boat seat cushions. There is a check out sheet for these items, just ask Kathleen. Please return them at the end of your stay.

Q: What do you recommend bringing other than the basics?

A: To avoid doing a lot of dishes, you may want to bring paper plates, plastic silverware and cups. A Sharpie pen is a good idea for writing names on plastic cups. Although we provide it, you might also want to bring your favorite blend of coffee. Paper towels are provided but for larger groups or longer stays you will probably want to bring more. Ziplock bags also come in handy. Enjoy family movie night by bringing your favorite Blu-Ray DVDs to enjoy on our 75” flat screen. Be sure to bring life jackets for any water recreation. You may want to bring inflatables for the lake as well. Those who would like to do some fishing, don’t forget the fishing license and gear. You can get WA state fishing licenses at the WA State Dept of Fish and Wildlife , or if you would prefer, you can pick them up at one of these locations in Okanogan county. In the summer everyone should have flip flops for easy on/off shoes to the beach and back. There are some outdoor chairs for use around the lodge, but you will probably want to bring beach chairs for down on the beach side. Biking along the lake is fun too, we see quite a few riders on long rides through the area. There are some board games, but we recommend bringing your favorites and playing cards. We definitely recommend bringing passports and if you have time check out some of the things there are to do on the Canadian side of the border (about 35 minutes away). Check out this page for a list of things to do in/around Osoyoos. Some other things you should bring are bug spray and sunscreen, and a smart phone/ipad/other MP3 player for connecting to the stereo via mini-RCA for music.

Q: How does arrival work?

A: Check in time is 3pm or later. We always appreciate knowing your estimated time of arrival if possible as we schedule the cleaning crew and often need all the time we can get. When people get to the lodge, have drivers pull up and around to the right to the south side of the lodge to unpack and park. Each car can take turns backing in right to the back door to unload if you like, it saves on distance carrying luggage etc. Once unloaded if you have a lot of cars they can park up above the lodge in an area we have prepared up on the hill. The electronic code to 3 exterior doors will be furnished to you prior to your arrival. Upon arrival, you will likely be greeted by Kathleen Lindsay. She will give you a very quick introduction to the house as well as a walk-through to point out any existing damage. Upon arrival, all members of a group must sign in with the iPad on the porch, acknowledging agreement with the Lodge Terms of Use.

Q: How does departure work?

A: Check out time is 11am. Here is a checklist for Check Out:
  • Place all garbage and recycling outside the kitchen door in the back of the lodge. Garbage should all be bagged, and recycling separated into glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard for transport to the Recycling Center which only accepts separated materials.

  • Wash dishes put them back where they came from

  • Ensure no towels, linens or pillows are lost or damaged

  • Report any damage or broken dishware that occurred

  • Leave the beds as is

  • Clean the BBQ grills, oven and refrigerators

  • Check back in any watercraft or beach equipment that was used in like condition

  • Sweep the floors and clean up any spills

  • Lock up the lodge

  • Please sign the iPad guest book and we would appreciate any feedback on your stay!

Q: Where can I get internet access?

A: We have broadband wifi at the lodge. Your welcome information packet provided before your stay will contain the login password. Want your kids to get disconnected from their devices while on vacation? One suggestion is to limit their wifi time to one hour per day, that seems to strike a good balance when our family spends time at the Lodge. In the event of any problems with the wifi, you can also get wireless access in either Tonasket or Oroville. Here is one place in Tonasket:

  • Tonasket Natural Foods, 21 West 4th Street, Tonasket, WA, (509) 486-4188

Q: Is there cell reception at the lodge?

A: There is no cell phone service available at the lodge, but we recommend making cell calls via wifi. Most carriers provide this by just turning on the feature in Settings. Preparing in advance of your trip is recommended. In addition, there is a land line available at the lodge; it is shared with the small house next door. The phone is in the family room on the ground floor. If you do need a cell signal, you can get one 7 miles away on the road back toward Tonasket, at the intersection of the Loomis-Oroville Rd and Horse Spring Coulee Rd.

Q: Is there a BBQ available?

A: Yes, there are three. We have 2 gas powered Weber BBQ grills and a charcoal grill. Bring charcoal if you plan on using that grill. Please clean the grills after use, they tend to be the #1 items folks forget to clean when they checkout.

Q: Can we bring our boat?

A: Definitely! There is a nice boat launch .8 miles up the road toward Loomis. Pictures of it are available here. There is also a second boat launch toward the north end of Palmer Lake. It is steeper, and if the water is high (often the case in May or early June), use that one. Also, we have a dock at the lodge beach. The dock is put in annually after the high water recedes, typically in mid to late June. You can tie up your boat at the dock for loading/unloading. For longer storage (such as overnight), you can use the offshore anchor/buoy we have installed just beyond the dock that will allow your boat to swing with the wind.

Q: Is there a place where we can rent a boat / jetskis / kayaks / ATVs ?

A: Yes, here are a couple of local options:
  • Extreme Adventures:  Adventures Big & Small From Tubing & Whitewater River Rafting, Kayaking, Jetski Rentals, Horseback Trail rides, and Old West Wagon Trail Rides. (509) 322-9747

  • Omak Marine (509) 826-4711

Q: Can we stay just 2 nights?

A: The reason for the 3 night minimum stay is that it takes three people about 7 hours each to do all of the cleaning, laundry and making up beds after each stay. Depending on schedules and group specifics, we may be able to have a 2 night stay, contact us to explore options. We would need to charge a $250 cleaning fee with this arrangement.

Q: What is your pet policy / smoking policy?

A: To protect the large investment we have made in the lodge, we have a no pets, no smoking policy. We apologize if this won't work for your group, but unfortunately these are firm and we can't do exceptions.

Q: Where can I find more information about fishing at Palmer Lake?

A: We have consolidated fishing information located here.

Q: What are some of the reasons people choose the lodge?

A: The short answer is to make great memories with family and friends. Here are some other reasons.

Q: How do we get questions answered during our stay?

A: Just ask Alexa! She is equipped with all sorts of answers about things in the lodge and the surrounding area. The Amazon Echo device is in the great room near the pool table. For example you can say “Alexa, what’s the wifi password?”.

Q: Who do we contact if there is a problem with anything?

A: The property is shared with another small house to one side where Kathleen Lindsay can assist/resolve any questions or issues. She can take care of anything that might come up. Her phone number is 509-223-3177.