Outside the Lodge in the 1940s
Alice McNett, Ross McNett, Nona Biles, John Maley & Julia Maley around the Lodge fireplace.jpg
by the shores of Palmer lake
McNett, Maley, Woodard & Biles families
John Maley's boat, the Triple J
Julia Maley 1937
Original copy of the Biles Family Cabin story
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The history of the Lodge at Palmer Lake

The Lodge at Palmer lake has a rich history of fun, family and friends. It was built in 1933 by Nona Biles and family. Nona was married to J.C. Biles of the Biles-Coleman Lumber Company. The lodge stayed in the family until it was purchased in 1975 by Butch Reimer who kept it much the same through those years. My mom and I acquired the property in 2004 and began restorations and improvements. The historical photographs shown here are from the collection of Julia Francis Maley Cottrell, with thanks to Bill Cottrell for sharing them.

Here is the original story of the early years of the lodge, as told by the granddaughter of Nona and J.C.

Nona Biles

J.C. Biles